There is such power in the act of standing alongside someone:

  • in listening
  • in acknowledging their experience
  • in accepting them as they are, without judgement
  • in believing in them

Such simple things, so easily overlooked.

Yet, the times when people in my life have chosen to stand alongside me – to listen, to acknowledge, to accept and believe in me, even when I scarcely knew how to do those things for myself – have been the times I will never forget.

To be accompanied, when we feel afraid or alone or doubt ourselves, by others -who through their words or their actions reassure us, “You got this”- is a precious thing indeed.

I started trying to list some of those moments to include here and as I did so, I realised how many of them there have been. How many times people have chosen to be kind, when they didn’t need to be. And how the fact that I am here today, happily doing what I do, is a direct result of that kindness.

So, to the various friends who:

  • came to my mum’s funeral, simply to be with me, even when it was completely impractical and difficult to do so;
  • brought flowers and took me for walks when I was on a secure psych ward, unable to go out alone;
  • made a point of thinking of me when they knew I was doing something I was apprehensive about, and emailed to let me know;
  • shared what they had, even when they had little for themselves;
  • listened, accepted, encouraged, waited patiently, showed up, sat quietly, cheered loudly, gave lifts, boiled kettles, made food, offered hugs and smiles and handkerchiefs and company, and so much more…

….thank you so very much.

At a time when loneliness is playing havoc with our physical and psychological health, let’s find ways for a little more ‘along-siding’.


Showing up and being-with, even if only for the briefest of moments.

Because even the briefest of moments can make all the difference in the world.